Botanical Families

Nov 19 2019


Memories are made on every field expedition. It's no wonder that for…

By Nicole Tarnowsky

Plantways of the Lenape People

Nov 8 2022

The New York Botanical Garden is located on land that is part…

By Emily B. Sessa

J. K. Small's exploration in Southern Florida, 1915

Apr 21 2019


John Kunkel Small, botanist and herbarium curator at the the New York Botanical…

By Amy Weiss

Granite outcrop specialists

May 15 2019

Focus on Science

Plants are amazing and can adapt to live in the most unlikely…

By Amy Weiss

Before & After: P. F. Zika 28277

Mar 25 2019

Specimen Stories

The unmounted herbarium specimen, as it arrived at the garden in the…

By Amy Weiss

Floral Fireworks

Jul 1 2019

Specimen Stories

When fireworks are needed, no matter the reason, these herbarium specimens will help…

By Amy Weiss

Escapes from cultivation

Sep 26 2019

Specimen Stories

Humans have a long history of moving and cultivating plant species. But…

By Amy Weiss

Victorian fern collecting (and overcollecting)

Feb 15 2019

Fern collecting was one of few hobbies to transcend class and gender…

By Amy Weiss


Feb 3 2020

Works of Art

Herbarium specimens are close to my heart, and it's fun to imagine that…

By Amy Weiss

Brown and Beautiful

Nov 1 2020

Works of Art

Whether naturally brown, or turning brown during the preservation steps needed to create herbarium…

By Amy Weiss

Polka-dot Ferns

Apr 10 2021

Works of Art

Unlike flowering plants, ferns reproduce with spores instead of seeds. Fern spores…

By Amy Weiss

Mellow Yellows

Nov 15 2019

Works of Art

A collection of yellow specimens to brighten your day.

By Amy Weiss

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