Snap shot of the Rock Garden, circa 1942

Apr 3 2020

Specimen Stories

NYBG's Rock Garden in the spring is full of treasures that have been documented…

By Nicole Tarnowsky

Daffodil Hill

Mar 24 2020

We can't visit the Garden in person right now, but we can…

By Nicole Tarnowsky

An Unrequited Botanical Love Story

Feb 5 2020


The love of botany is responsible for both fostering and hindering this…

By Nicole Tarnowsky

Botanical Families

Nov 19 2019


Memories are made on every field expedition. It's no wonder that for…

By Nicole Tarnowsky

Herbarium Specimens Show Changes in Carbon Dioxide Levels

Sep 20 2019

Focus on Science

It has been documented that since the industrial revolution there has been an…

By Nicole Tarnowsky

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