Plants of the Holiday Train Show

Nov 22 2022

The Holiday Train Show is a winter tradition at the New York…

By Amy Weiss

Typical: Christmas in the clouds

Dec 24 2019


Bassett Maguire (1904–1991), a botanist who spent the majority of his career…

By Amy Weiss


Dec 17 2019

Specimen Stories

No party is complete without confetti—especially when ringing in the new year.…

By Amy Weiss

Eight Days of Oil

Dec 16 2019

Specimen Stories

Oil has a special significance for those who celebrate Hanukkah. This Jewish…

By Sarah Dutton

Yuletide Greetings

Nov 22 2019

Specimen Stories

European winter traditions that predate Christianity have a large focus on plants.…

By Laura Briscoe

Deck the halls

Nov 19 2019

Specimen Stories

Need some boughs of holly to deck your halls this season? We've…

By Amy Weiss

Mulled Cider

Nov 18 2019

Specimen Stories

Put these fruits, seeds, bark, and flower buds together to get mulled…

By Amy Weiss

The Blessings of Snow

Sep 27 2019

Often considered a hindrance to vegetation in milder climates, snow plays a…

By Charles J. Zimmerman