Banded Mottlegill

Feb 5 2019

Specimen Stories

This mushroom was called 'weed Panaeolus' because it would frequently grow as…

Bearclaw Poppy

Feb 1 2019

Specimen Stories

Native to a small area of southern Utah, only six populations of…

Before & After: P. F. Zika 28277

Mar 25 2019

Specimen Stories

The unmounted herbarium specimen, as it arrived at the garden in the…

By Amy Weiss

Being Loved To Death – A Third of…

May 17 2019

Focus on Science

As the many plants to be digitized in the Endless Forms project,…

By Lin Li

Bigelow's mushroom photographs

May 25 2022

Works of Art

In the herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden there are over 30,000…

By Amy Weiss

Biocrusts in Disturbed Areas

Apr 17 2023

Specimen Stories

Our crusty companions play many imperative restoration roles in disturbed habitats, as…

By Amanda M. Chandler

Black Pepper: King of Spices

Feb 18 2023

Specimen Stories

It’s hard to imagine entering a diner, sitting down on the shiny…

By Amy Sahud

Black Rice

Apr 10 2024

African rice, Oryza glaberrima, has been essential to recognizing the contributions of…

By Kenneth Reginald Otero-Walker

Botanical Families

Nov 19 2019


Memories are made on every field expedition. It's no wonder that for…

By Nicole Tarnowsky

Brown and Beautiful

Nov 1 2020

Works of Art

Whether naturally brown, or turning brown during the preservation steps needed to create herbarium…

By Amy Weiss

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