James F. Brown - Master Gardener

Feb 13 2024

James F. Brown is regarded as one of America’s first master gardeners by the…

By Kenneth Reginald Otero-Walker


Aug 3 2023

The mango plant, scientifically known as Mangifera indica which means “an Indian…

By Michael Noi

Okra’s journey to the United States

Jan 21 2022

Specimen Stories

Many culinary delights that Americans enjoy today, especially in the Southern United…

By Elizabeth A. Gjieli

Rooted in Plants: An Interview with Arvolyn Hill

Feb 12 2021

Specimen Stories

Arvolyn Hill is the Family Programs Coordinator at the Everett Children’s Adventure…

By Laura Briscoe

Lafayette Frederick - Fungal Systematist

Feb 2 2021

Lafayette Frederick (1923-2018) was exposed to plant diversity as a young child growing…

By Laura Briscoe

Thomas Gaither - Activist and Biologist

Feb 1 2021


Dr. Thomas Walter Gaither (1938 - ) was born in Great Falls, South…

By Laura Briscoe

The Cotton Plant and Enslaved Labor

Feb 20 2020

The Cotton Plant (Gossypium) stood at the center of the most exploitative…

By Rashad Bell, Nuala Caomhanach

The Peanut Plant and a Black Genius

Feb 20 2020

“One reason I never patent my products is that if I did,…

By Rashad Bell, Nuala Caomhanach

The Rice Plant and Black Knowledge

Feb 20 2020

“The millions of Africans who were dragged to the New World were…

By Rashad Bell, Nuala Caomhanach

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