James F. Brown - Master Gardener

Feb 13 2024

James F. Brown is regarded as one of America’s first master gardeners by the…

By Kenneth Reginald Otero-Walker

NYBG 2023 New Species Review!

Dec 21 2023

Focus on Science

Every year, botanists describe hundreds of new plants, algae, fungi, and lichens…

By Matthew C. Pace

Vanilla in Puerto Rico

Aug 12 2023

Vanilla also has a long history in the Caribbean, especially in Puerto…

By Jason Lopez

Vanilla in Mexico

Aug 12 2023

It is in Mexico where Vanilla planifolia is said to originate, where…

By Jason Lopez


Aug 12 2023

The scent of vanilla has always been one of my absolute favorites. It…

By Jason Lopez

A Vanilla Voyage: Exploring the Spice's Legacy in…

Aug 12 2023

Specimen Stories

Vanilla planifolia, commonly known as vanilla, is one of the most instantly…

By Jason Lopez


Aug 3 2023

The history of tobacco and the people who cultivated the plant have…

By Angel Tobar


Aug 3 2023

The mango plant, scientifically known as Mangifera indica which means “an Indian…

By Michael Noi

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