Monographs Details:

Mori, S. A. & Lepsch da Cunha, Nadia M. 1995. The Lecythidaceae of a central Amazonian moist forest. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 75: 1-55.

Scientific Name:

Gustavia L.

Genus Description - Understory trees. Bark scalloped, the inner bark with conspicuous rays. Leaves eucamptrodromous, the tertiary veins reticulate. Buds globose. Flowers diurnal, actinomorphic; calyx nearly entire to distinctly 6-lobed; petals 6-8; androecium without lateral extension of radially symmetrical, fused staminal ring, the anthers >2 mm long, with poricidal dehiscence; ovary 4-6(-10)-locular, the ovules inserted on expanded placenta at apex of locule. Fruits indehiscent, globose or cylindric. Seeds with contorted, yellow funicle or with straight funicle, without aril; embryo with plano-convex cotyledons.