About the Brazil nut family

The purpose of following blogs is to allow users to access information about New World Lecythidaceae (Brazi nut family).

The discovery of Grias purpurapetala. Discovery of a spectacular new tree

Natural history of The cannon ball tree (Couroupita guianensis). The cannon ball tree

Natural history of the sapucaia tree (Lecythis pisonis).The sapucaia tree

Leaf flush of the sapucaia tree (Lecythis pisonis). Tropical harbinger of spring

Brazil nut seeds (Bertholletia excelsa). Brazil Nuts Are Seeds, Not Nuts!

Video of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) pollination. Brazil nuts: from the flower to your party mix

About New World rain forests

The purpose of following blogs is to allow users to access information about New World tropical habitats, plants other than members of the Brazil nut familhy, and their conservation.

Rain forest conservation. Garden Scientist Weighs in on Rain Forest Debate

An effort to understand Amazonian Biodiversity. Amazonian Biodiversity

Climate change and rain forests. How Climate Change Impacts the Extent of Tropical Rain Forests

Natural history of the Amazon water lily (Victoria amazonica). The Amazon Water Lily: Adapted to the River’s Rise and Fall

Discovery of the Amazon water lily. Victoria amazonica queen of the Amazon

A strangular fig strangling a host tree. An unwanted hug

Climbing into the rain forest canopy. A climb into tropical paridise

Future of rain forests. The future of tropical rain forest in the New World Biodiversity

Carbon sequestration by rain forests. Rain forests ameliorate climate change

Ecosystem services of climate change. Can ecosystem services save rain forests?

Rain forests and agriculture. Soybean agriculture threatens biodiversity in Brazil

Rain forests replaced by eucalyptus and coffee plantations. Journey to Brazil: Finding only one where once there were many

Importance of bats to rain forests. Tropical forests depend on bats for their survival