Gene Inference Confirms Ancient lineages in Boletus sect. Boletus.

From: B.T.M. Dentinger et al. 2010. Molecular phylogenetics of porcini mushrooms (Boletus section Boletus) Mol. Phyl. Evol. 57: 1276–1292.
R.E. Halling et al. 2014. New Porcini (Boletus sect. Boletus) from Australia and Thailand. Mycologia 106: 830–834.

Background: Dentinger et al. produced a detailed molecular phylogeny of Boletus sect. Boletus. In that paper they reported the discovery of two taxa expanding the known distribution of the section to Australia and Thailand. The existence of those two taxa represents an ancient phylogenetic connection to the rest of the section. Boletus albobrunnescens and B. austroedulis were described by Halling et al. (cited above) as new species in section Boletus.

A portion (redrawn & updated) of the best tree from a Maximum Likelihood search of combined data using RAxML engineered by Dentinger in the paper cited above.