Plants of the Holiday Train Show

Nov 22 2022

The Holiday Train Show is a winter tradition at the New York…

By Amy Weiss

Bigelow's mushroom photographs

May 25 2022

Works of Art

In the herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden there are over 30,000…

By Amy Weiss

Lafayette Frederick - Fungal Systematist

Feb 2 2021

Lafayette Frederick (1923-2018) was exposed to plant diversity as a young child growing…

By Laura Briscoe

Thomas Gaither - Activist and Biologist

Feb 1 2021


Dr. Thomas Walter Gaither (1938 - ) was born in Great Falls, South…

By Laura Briscoe

Brown and Beautiful

Nov 1 2020

Works of Art

Whether naturally brown, or turning brown during the preservation steps needed to create herbarium…

By Amy Weiss

Octopodotus stupendus

May 7 2020

What's in a name?

Octopodotus from octopus and the Greek suffix–otus, indicating resemblance, because of the…

By Laura Briscoe

Purple Reign

Jan 30 2020

Works of Art

Plants, algae, and fungi can be found in a wide range of…

By Amy Weiss

Firewood and pathogens

Sep 26 2019

Specimen Stories

As plants travel the world with people, these plants can bring along…

By Amy Weiss


Sep 25 2019

Many fungi are decomposers by nature, and that ability is being harnessed…

By Laura Briscoe

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