Dioscorea alata L.

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    Dioscorea alata L.

  • Collector(s)

    E. D. Merrill 922, Nov 1915

  • Location

    Philippines. Rizal. Luzon, Antipolo.

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    [Record databased by volunteers in the DIGIVOL Crowdsourcing Platform. Imported to NYBG database in 2024.]

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    NY Barcode: 04363641

    Occurrence ID: e10ce531-77f5-4a4b-ae96-23f3ac30eb80

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    Dioscorea alata L.

DIOSCOREA ALATA Linn.; Blaiico FI. Filip, (1837) 799; ed. 2 (1845)
# 550; ed. 3, 3 (1879) 207.
I TheLjbttnean species co^rec$y interpreted by Blanco. It ,
% found in cultivation throughout the Archipelago at low ¿¿id'
medium altitudes, but never wild* It is certainly not a native
of the Philippines, but undoubtedly of prehistoric introduction.
•While the vegetative and floral characters are quite constant,
thè fiiBérs vary enorflftJUsly iii shape, size,and in the coler of"
the flesh. In shape the tubers vary from cylindric to oblong,
often flattened, and frequently lobed. In color the flesh varies
from purple to white. Tubers may be small in size, or some-
times attain a weight of 15 kilos or perhaps more. Its uni-
versal 'Tagalog name is ubi.
Illustrative specimens from Lamao, Bataan Province^ Luzon, •
December, 1914 (MerriU: Species BUmcoanae No. 81<J) ; Anti^
polo, Rizal Province, Luzon, November, 1915 (Merrill: Species
BUmcoanae No. 922).