Ptilium orthothecium Thér.

  • Filed As

    Ptilium orthothecium Thér. sp. nov. ( possible type )

  • Collector(s)

    E. L. Ekman Plantae Indiae Occidentalis N:o H 1869, 11 Sep 1924 ("11. IX. 1924")

  • Location

    Haiti. Sud-Est. Massif de la Selle. Furcy, Morme Brouet, in "Laubrvald"[sp?].

  • Habitat


  • Specimen Notes

    "Ex Mus. Botan. Stockhom."; "Plantae Indiae Occidentalis N:o H1869."; "This is the type!"

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 913491

    Occurrence ID: 9b21bcef-6117-40aa-bc49-e3dd6c4d6827

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  • Region

    West Indies

  • Country


  • State/Province


  • Locality

    Massif de la Selle. Furcy, Morme Brouet, in "Laubrvald"[sp?]

  • Elevation

    Alt. 1725 m. (5659 ft.)

  • Location Notes

    Sud-Est not specified. Data automatically populates for Massif de la Selle. "Hispaniola. Civ. Haiti: Massif de la Selle, Furcy, Morme Brouet, in "Laubvald"[?], 1725 m."

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