Some Algae of Nova Scotia

By Laura Briscoe

Feb 5 2019

Although the bulk of specimens that find their way into the New York Botanical Garden's herbarium have been collected by professional botanists, many important contributions come from students and citizen scientists. We are always happy to accept specimens into our herbarium if they are accompanied by a label recording the data associated with the collection.

This beautiful set of marine algae was recently given to the herbarium as a gift by the collecter, Cora (McKay) Nelson. Cora collected these seaweeds in Nova Scotia, Canada, as part of her undergraduate education at Acadia University in the 1970s. This collection travelled with her through adulthood, surviving several moves, until she decided she wanted it to be deposited in an institution that would care for the specimens in perpetuity.

It is an honor to serve as the repository for collections that have such personal meaning to people.

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