The following people are part of the Plants and Lichens of Saba project. The fungi, which are not plants, are not included in the inventory. The guide who directed our inventory of Saban plants is James Johnson, local expert on the natural history of the island. James knows the common names of Saban plants, their uses, and where they grow. It is his knowledge that is reflected in the labels of many of our collections.
Bill Buck
New York Botanical Garden
Carol Gracie
New York Botanical Garden
Paul Hoetjes
Project Coordinator
Department of Environmentand Nature (MINA)
Netherlands Antilles
James Johnson
Saba Conservation Foundation
Scott Mori
Flowering Plants
New York Botanical Garden
Michael Smith
Project Leader
Conservation International
Harrie Sipman
Botanischer Garten und
Botanisches Museum

With assistance from:

Jan den Dulk
Stewart Chipka
Shelly Lundvall
Angela van Driel
Leendert van Driel
Mieke Hoetjes
Suzanne Nielsen
Reuben Thompson