Checklist of Las Orquídeas National Park

These specimen-based lists are automatically generated from the database and continuously updated in real time. Click on a name to access a taxon’s associated herbarium specimens, photographs of the living plant, and/or digital images of the herbarium sheets. Because this is a specimen based-list, it may not contain the totality of the species recorded in Las Orquídeas National Park; specimens housed at the Herbario Nacional Colombiano (COL) and other relevant local herbaria will be added as they become available.

To see what taxonomic, geographic, and/or biological information is available in our general database of neotropical plants, click on the name in the determination field of a specimen record. The accepted names and references to synonyms should not be interpreted as a source of authoritative taxonomic information unless they are derived from a group curated by an expert (click here to see NYBG’s online catalogues and floras). These lists are generated using currently accepted names according to IPNI and Tropicos.

Rapid field guides to the vascular plants of Las Orquídeas National Park

A series of full-color rapid field guides are available and ready to download. The guides are intended to aide species identification, while teaching about the incredible diversity of the flora of Las Orquideas National Park and its conservation priorities. The guides are in Spanish and cover key groups and ecosystems such as orchids (Orchidaceae), epiphytes, plants important to conservation, most common vascular plants, and paramo plants. These guides are free of charge and are not intended for commercial use.

They can also be downloaded from:

Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia.

Instituto de Ciencias Naturales (series 22–26).