Truly, we stand on the shoulders of the giants Nathaniel L. Britton, Addison Brown, Henry A. Gleason, and Arthur Cronquist. Through their careful, long-term, and productive efforts, they have left a legacy of floristic research and publication. This legacy forms a grand foundation on which to build the new Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada. As well, we thank Barbara M. Thiers, Director of the William and Lynda Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden (NY). She and past directors, notably Patricia K. Holmgren, have made the present work possible through their tireless stewardship and promotion of this critical herbarium.

Melissa Tulig assisted with development of this website in numerous and substantial ways. Only with her help is this effort possible.

Noel H. Holmgren, Patricia Holmgren, James S. Miller, and Scott A. Mori generously advised on matters related to the commencement of this project. Scott Mori continues to share his considerable insights on Floras and electronic publication.

Hannah I. Stevens created the digital map depicting this project’s geographic coverage.

Nancy Carey, Diedra Howson, and Joy E. Runyon provided valuable assistance related to The New York Botanical Garden Press.

For suggestions on content, we thank Steve Grund, Christopher Hardy, Mike Homoya, Walter S. Judd, Eric Karlin, Wesley M. Knapp, William A. McAvoy, Russell Juelg, and Steve Young.

For ample, detailed suggestions for improving identification keys, we thank Steve Grund and David A. Werier.

Brian M. Boom, William R. Buck, Eric E. Lamont, Eric C. Morgan, Michael H. Nee, Matthew C. Pace, Anton A. Reznicek, Arthur O. Tucker, and Thomas A. Zanoni generously shared important botanical literature. Carol A. Gracie, Lo-An Flettrich, James Gmelin, and Daria Gregg shared their digital photographs of northeastern plants. Wayne Cahilly, Susan Fraser, Stephen Sinon, and Thomas A. Zanoni provided assistance with historical aspects of this project.

Barbara Morrow assisted with etymologies of scientific names derived from Greek.

Daniel E. Atha, Molly Edwards, James Furlaud, and Sean Rugys assisted with revisionary studies of northeastern plants.

Malcolm Brown, Sarita Eisenstark, and Norka De Lima M. databased plant specimens.

For assistance with field work, we thank Daniel E. Atha, Emile DeVito, James Furlaud, Carol A. Gracie, Wesley M. Knapp, William A. McAvoy, Christopher R. Mangels, Bridget C. Naczi, Dominique M. Naczi, Genevieve R. Naczi, Mary A. Naczi, Matthew R. Naczi, Michelle A. Naczi, Patrick J. Naczi, Timothy A. Naczi, Matthew C. Pace, Jessica A. Schuler, Bruce A. Sorrie, James M. Utter, David A. Werier, and Steve Young.

For gifts of specimens useful in writing treatments, we thank Charles T. Bryson and Wayne D. Longbottom.