Specimen Details: Chalciporus chontae Halling & M.Mata
Chalciporus chontae
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f-195.0-00796118-04.jpg f-195.0-00796118-03.jpg f-195.0-00796118-02.jpg f-195.0-00796118-01.jpg Chalciporus chontae Chalciporus chontae
Title: Chalciporus chontae
Rights: Copyright Roy E. Halling
Description: Field image of REH8175, La Chonta, Cordillera Talamanca, Costa Rica (type locality).
Filed As:
Chalciporus chontae Halling & M.Mata ( isotype )
All Determinations:
Chalciporus chontae Halling & M.Mata det. R. E. Halling

Costa Rica. San José. Dota. La Chonta: S of Interamerican Highway toward Laguna/Cerro Chonta. Alt. 2400 m. (7874 ft.)
R. E. Halling 8175 with B. Buyck, R. Aldana-Gomez, 11 Jun 2001
Pileus 1-4 cm broad, convex to plano-convex, tacky to subviscid, sulphur yellow to lemon yellow when young, developing some pale brown tones in places with age, matted tomentose to matted subtomentose. Flesh pale brown pink, unchanging, with pungent non-idiosyncratic odor, and mild taste. Hymenophore coarsely tubulose, decurrent, brownish pink to pinkish brown (typical Chalciporus-color), not changing when exposed; pores concolorous, unchanging, radially oriented. Stipe 1.5-4.5 cm long, 3-10 mm broad, terete to compressed, equal or usually curved, dry, bright lemon yellow, pinkish brown above, subpruinose to finely subscabrous above, appressed fibrillose below, with bright yellow basal mycelium, with interior solid, unchanging, bright yellow. NH4 (-) but brown on interior stipe flesh. Only one I know with these colors is C. amarellus from Europe.
Montane forest. Quercus copeyensis, Q. rapurahuensis. Cespitose. On soil, humus.
Specimen Notes: Holotype in USJ
NY Barcode: 00796118
GUID: c0785a36-f41a-4e08-bc68-c16826987661
Coordinates: (9.69889, -83.9419)

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