Author: Fernando Matos & Caroline Carollo Matos

This checklist is based on collections made for this project on numerous collecting trips and because they are easy to find, we believe that our inventory of the ferns is nearly complete. Use the "Specimens" link in the banner for making searches for  specimens. This link will enable accessing collections of a specific collector, a given species, from a certain trail, gathered in June, etc. Specimen vouchers of the species inventoried are archived in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.


Family Checklists

To generate a list of ferns collected in the preserve, use the "Family Checklist"  link just above this paragraph. The lists of families are automatically generated from the database. Clicking on the species name under a fern family will generate information associated with the specimens gathered by the project of that species. Scans of herbarium sheets and field images are attached to the record if they are available.



Literature. A list of publications that help the user learn more about the ferns of the Preserve.