Veronica filiformis Sm.

  • Authority

    Gleason, Henry A. & Cronquist, Arthur J. 1991. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. lxxv + 910 pp.

  • Family


  • Scientific Name

    Veronica filiformis Sm.

  • Description

    Species Description - Slender, trailing perennial from slender rhizomes, also rooting at the nodes; lf-blades cordate-orbicular to reniform, slightly toothed, mostly under 1 cm, short- petiolate; rarely or never fruiting with us; otherwise much like V. persica; 2n=14. Native of Eurasia, sometimes grown in rock-gardens, and now a frequent lawn-weed in ne. U.S.

  • Common Names

    creeping speedwell