Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce

  • Authority

    Sharp, Aaron J., et al. 1994. The Moss Flora of Mexico. Part Two: Orthotrichales to Polytrichales. Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 69 (2)

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  • Scientific Name

    Cratoneuron filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce

  • Description

    Species Description - Plants medium-Sized to fairly robust, soft or rather rigid, extensive cushions up to about 12 cm high but usually considerably less, green, yellowish, or brownish, somewhat radiculose below and radiculose in tufts well up the stems. Stems spreading or, more often crowded and erect-ascending, irregularly or, more often, pinnately branched; paraphyllia usually none or very few but sometimes fairly numerous, variously lanceolate. Stem leaves erect, erect-spreading, or sometimes secund or falcate-secund, ± striate, 1-1.8 mm long, ovate-lanceolate to broadly ovate, rather abmptly acuminate; margins often somewhat recurved at the extreme base, serrulate nearly all around (in the acumen ±entire); costa rather strong, percurrent or ending in the acumen somewhat below the apex, rarely filling the acumen; cells smooth, firm-walled, shortly oblong-rhomboidal, about 3-5:1; alar cells abmptly differentiated and hyaline or yellow-brown, thin-or thick-walled in concave groups. Branch leaves shorter and narrower, usually ± falcate-secund. Setae 25-35 mm long; capsules 2-2.5 mm long; operculum convex-conic, apiculate or short-rostrate; cilia in 3s and 4s. Spores 15-18 µm, very finely roughened.

  • Discussion

    Fig. 661

    C. filicinum (Hedw.) Spruce, Cat. Musci Amaz. And. 21.1867.

    Hypnum filicinum Hedw., Sp. Muse. 285. 1801.

    The upright or decumbent stems are pinnately branched below a long, unbranched extension that is curved at the tip. Paraphyllia are difficult to find, but the rhizoids in mfts along the stems are distinctive. The leaf cells are short, those at the basal angles are differentiated in concave groups. The costa is strong but ends at or below the leaf tip.

  • Distribution

    In calcareous seepage; Baja California, Mexico, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi.—Mexico; Guatemala; Newfoundland to Alaska, south to North Carolina, Texas and New Mexico; Europe, Asia, Japan; reported from Ecuador, North Africa and New Zealand.

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