Solanum citrullifolium A.Braun

  • Filed As

    Solanum citrullifolium A.Braun

  • Collector(s)

    M. H. Nee 50876, 29 Jul 2000

  • Location

    Netherlands. Nijmegen, University of Nijmegen.

  • Description

    Herb 50 cm. tall, with spreading branches. Flowers with very faint fish-flesh fragrance. Corolla violet; 4 anthers dark yellow, the large lower one purple; style white. Phenology of specimen: Flower, Fertile, Fruit.

  • Collection Notes

    "Cultivated for the 5th International Solanaceae Conference at the Botanical Garden of Nijmegen."; [Source:] "924750172. Provenance: Not of wild source. Donor: Kopenhagen. Donor type: Botanical Garden. Seeds stored in seedbank. Herbarium: Botanical Garden of Nijmegen."

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 00828373

    Occurrence ID: 248ae238-e7f8-460a-9f9b-267079d74573

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  • All Determinations

    Solanum citrullifolium A.Braun

    Solanum angustifolium Mill. det M. H. Nee, 2000
    Note: "Solanum heterodoxum Dunal. Subgenus: Leptostemonum. Section: Androceras"; [This determination has been crossed out on label, apparently by M. Nee.]

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