Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack

University of Illinois at Chicago
Murrqyapaniculata (L.) Jack.
Det. By: T.T. Dai, 01 August 2000
Field Char. Tree 8 m tall; dbh 10 cm; stembark whitish-grey,
longitudinal fissured; flowers white, pungent*
Locality: Vietnam, Ninh Binh Province, Cue Phuogn National
Habitat: Land mountain, Mac hamlet-Cuc Phuong.
Site No: CPI 54
Collector: Mai Van Sinh MVX 80 31 March 2000
Collected under the sponsorship of: ICBG Project, University of Illinois &
Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, Cue Phuong National Park, and
National Center for Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam.
This is a voucher specimen for pharmaceutical screening.
Sample Accession No.:
Please notify the Field Museum Herbarium of any new determination of this
collection, specifying that it is a University of Illinois at Chicago voucher.