Cinnamomum burmannii (Nees & T.Nees) Blume

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    Cinnamomum burmannii (Nees & T.Nees) Blume

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    NY Barcode: 4723289

    Occurrence ID: fc10dffe-1498-4256-b144-87f753bb793e

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University of Illinois at Chicago
Cinnamomum	AC	SL
Det.By:	D-0.	Sotjirb	folsjlWTb
Field Char. Ttet; crushed leaves and cut twigs strongly aromatic;
open flowers dull yellowish white, stamens light
yellow. Common.
Locality: Vietnam, Ninh Binh Province, Nho Quan District.
Habitat:	Cue	Phuong	National	Park.	Forest	around Bong
Guesthouse (Helipad). Remnants of forest
Site No: CP20	105°35.35'N 20°21.00'E 385nt
Collector: D. D. Soejarto and N.M. Cuong 10581	18 March
Collected under the sponsorship of: ICBG Project, University of Illinois at
Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, Cue Phuong National Park, and
National Center for Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam.
This is a voucher specimen tif pharmaceutical screening.
Sample Accession No.: SV148
Please notify the Field Museum Herbarium of any new determination of this
collection, specifying that it ¡i ¿ University of Illinois at Chicago voucher.