Valerianella radiata var. fernaldii Dyal

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    Valerianella radiata var. fernaldii Dyal

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    NY Barcode: 4233324

    Occurrence ID: 6a7b9c4f-1f4e-4744-b912-304d0aec7772

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Valerianella radiata (L.) Dufr. forma femaldii (Dyal) Eggers
Examined in a revisionai study of the Valerianetta of North
Donna Marie Eggers	1968
Vanderbilt University
Herbarium of the University of North Carolina
ValerianeIla radiata (L.) Dugr.
Eastwood Lake site, about 4 miles northeast
of Chapel Hill, Orange County, N.C.
May 20, 1939
Gene Marti n
Laurie ÈT. Stewart