Dipsacus laciniatus L.

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    Dipsacus laciniatus L.

The New York Botanical Garden
Plants of U.S.A.
Dipsacaceae Dipsacus laciniatus L.
det. M. Nee, 2007
Wisconsin, Grant Co., along Co. K, between Lancaster
and Mount Ida, 7.8 miles N of jet. with Hwy. 61 on N side
of Lancaster, and 1.4 miles S of jet. with Hwy. 18 at Mount
42°57’10”N, 90°45’10”W. alt. 1200 ft.
Open roadside with grasses, Daucus carota, Polygonatum
canaliculatum, nearly flat ridgetop, surrounded by fields of
Zea mays.
Single plant collected, only 4 plants seen in two colonies
between here and Lancaster along hwy. K, but scattered
small colonies of very few plants north nearly to Hwy. 61 at
Mount Ida. Strictly erect, 2.2 m. tall. Corolla white; anthers
Coll.: M. Nee 55530
29 July 2007