Dipsacus laciniatus L.

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    Dipsacus laciniatus L.

IHÇ^IOtanical gapdfm
Herbs strictly erect, to 2.4 m. tall. Flowers visited by Apis
mellifera (3:45 P.M., sunny); corolla white; anthers white.
Colony of ca. 50 plants, unshaded grassy roadside with
grasses, Daucus carota, Pastinaca sativa, Sambucus
canadensis on flat ridgetop with surrounding fields of
cultivated com and soybeans. Also invading fallow fields
with Solidago between here and Hwy. 18.
Coll.: M. Nee 55531
29 July 2007
The New York Botanical Garden
Plants of U.S. A.
Dipsacaceae Dipsacus laciniatus L.
det. M. Nee, 2007
Wisconsin, Grant Co., along Hwy. K, just N of jet. with
Graham Road, and 0.2 miles S of jet. with Hwy. 18 at
Mount Ida.
42°58’02”N, 90°45’25”W. alt. 1200 ft.