Tabernaemontana alba Mill.

Tabemaemontana alba Mill.
Ramon I. Vargas & Mo bee E. Weinstein 1998
Belize: Toledo District; San Antonio Road ca. 14.5 km of its
intersection with the Southern Highway. Disturbed area on
roadside near lagoon.
Altitude: ca 200 m	1615^	89 00'W
Tree ca. 3 m tall dbh 15 cm. Flowers white, fruits green.
Vargas, Ramon Ignacio 177	16-Sep-98
with Mobee Weinstein, Bonifacio Tut & Celdonio Chiac
Field Work Supported by Forest Dept. & Belize Conservation
Monitoring Center
Data based at BRH
Flora of Belize
Belize Forest Department Herbarium (BRH)
2.n ca