Liriope muscari (Decne.) L.H.Bailey

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    Liriope muscari (Decne.) L.H.Bailey

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    NY Barcode: 4200005

    Occurrence ID: 4151bfd7-f9c6-45a0-ac08-abd603857cf5

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Cultivated Liriopogon Project Vouchers
Horticultural Field Plots, Unit IV, Beryl Road
June 1989-September2005, NC State Univ., Raleigh, NC
RUSCAGEAE Plot 15M Accession# 89-118C
Liriope muscari (Decne.) L.H. Bailey ‘Gold Banded’
Clumper; leaves green with creme to white marginal band; rachis
+/- Tasciated; buds dark violet
HortScience 50(7): 957-993. 2015. Cultivar Treatment p. 974
Source: Louisiana Nursery, Opelousas, LA
Paul R. Fantz 5834 29 August 1994 NA, NCSC, NY