Vinca minor L.

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    Vinca minor L.

The New York Botanical Garden
Institute of Botany, Georgian Academy of Sciences
Plants of The Republic of Georgia
Vinca minor L.
det. M. Khutsishvili, 2002
The Republic of Georgia. Sagarejo District.. About 25 km south
of Sagarejo and about 6 km north of town of Udabno. 41° 33.09'
N: 45° 21.252' E. Elevation: ca. 970 m. (coordinates and
elevation from hand-held GPS; accurate to within a radius of
about 25 m)
Steppes over rolling hills; with scattered shrubs such as Eleagnus
angustifolius and Amygdalus georgica.
Herb; no latex; corolla purple.
Collected by: Daniel E. Atha (Coll. No. 2633) & Hannah Stevens,
Manana Khutsishvili, Marina Eristoff
30 May 2002