Stenochlaena tenuifolia (Desv.) T.Moore

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    Stenochlaena tenuifolia (Desv.) T.Moore

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    NY Barcode: 04180312

    Occurrence ID: d5b1ef0e-8154-4028-8e14-dad51a8c2e33

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The New York Botanical Garden
Herbarium, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
Plants of The United States of America
Stenochlaena tenuifolia (Desv.) T. Moore
det. B. K. Holst (SEL), 2002
The United States of America. Florida, Sarasota County.
Town of Sarasota, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. 27° 19.59'
N: 82° 32.35' W (coordinates from hand-held GPS; accurate to
within a radius of about 50 m)
Cultivated plants (plot FI5) forming large colonies from
rhizomes, climbing onto trunks or nearby trees and
sporulating at about 4 m above ground, rhizomes dark brown
with reddish hairs.
Collected by: Daniel E. Atha & Bruce Holst 2534
09 April 2002