Nephrolepis falcata (Cav.) C.Chr.

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    Nephrolepis falcata (Cav.) C.Chr.

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    NY Barcode: 04166654

    Occurrence ID: d50fdf5c-d887-4d18-8e52-5dc9a5a0f5ff

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Northeastern MALAYSIA
About 8 kms southeast of Kg. Jabi and 15
kms inland from the S. China Sea, midway
between the cities of Kota Bharu and Kuala
Terengganu, State of Terengganu. Elevation
about 120 meters. July 3, 1985.
A. F. Clewell 4995
Nephrol epis fa	¿C&v.) C.Chr.
?— R. C tfdr#* (Nii
On granite boulders along shaded stream
at the foot of Tabu mountain.