Sigmoidotropis speciosa (Kunth) A.Delgado

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    Sigmoidotropis speciosa (Kunth) A.Delgado

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    NY Barcode: 04034749

    Occurrence ID: 69aa1c6a-b504-470f-a949-be0973c72472

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Sigmoidotropis speciosa (Kunth) A. Delgado
Det. M.T. Strong, 2018
Guerrero: San Luis de Acatlan; along road from Yoloxochitl to
Arroyo Cumiapa; ca. 4.5 km from the exit of Yoloxochitl.
16° 49' 06" N x 98° 38' 45" W; Elevation: 640 m.
Highly disturbed forest by creek. Twining vine >7 m long; calyx green;
corolla purplish, cauliflorous.
P. Acevedo-Rodriguez 16132	19 Apr 2016
with K. Velasco G., E. Guadalupe, and A. Ramirez
United States National Herbarium (US)
Smithsonian Institution
EZID= b41