Cienfuegosia yucatanensis Millsp. x C. digitata Cav.

  • Filed As

    Cienfuegosia yucatanensis Millsp. x C. digitata Cav.

  • Collector(s)

    P. A. Fryxell s.n., 22 Apr 1967

  • Location

    United States of America. Texas. Brazos Co. College Station. In greenhouse cultivation.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 3876393

    Occurrence ID: bbaf5b52-132b-421a-afdb-21bee664f2ca

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  • Region

    North America

  • Country

    United States of America

  • State/Province


  • County/Municipio

    Brazos Co.

  • City/Township

    College Station

  • Locality

    In greenhouse cultivation

  • Georeferencing Method

    BioGeomancer, Guide to Best Practices for Georefer. Unable to georeference: cultivated specimen.

  • Location Notes

    [US & Canada]

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U.S. Deparfmertf of /Igricul+ure
Agricultural Research Service — Crops Research Division
Cotton Branch Herbarium
Cienfue^osia yucatanenais Millsp.
X C. digitata Cav.
In greenhouse cultivation, College Station,
Collector: p. Fryxell
DotC. 22 April 1%7