Hypericum nudiflorum Michx.

Probably H. nudiflorum on basis of capsule
size and well-developed raphe on seed (see
Adams, Cont. Gray Herb. 189:9. 1962);
leaves, however, match those of H.
apocynifolium; not H. galioides since
licks grooveat base of
leaves, etc.
petiole, larger
D. B. Ward
Aug. 1965
Herbarium of the University of Florida
Agricultural Experiment Station
Plants of Florida
Hypericum nudiflorum Michx,
Sparsely branched shrubs, to 3 m.; frequent:
moist wooded riverbank, n. side of bridge,
Newport, S24, T3S, R1E,
Wakulla County
coll. D. B. Ward 3821	23 Nov. 1963
det. D. B, W.