Ceanothus microphyllus Michx.

Harvard University, Gray Herbarium (GH)
Pollen Samples Removed
Florida Institute of Technology
Dr. Mark Bush et al.
May 15th - 19th, 2017
Ceanothus microphyllus Michx.
Sprawling shrubs to 15in tall, locally common, flowers white
& weakly fragrant. Growing semi-shade in a pine forest
burned perhaps two years earlier, in sandy soil (Albany fine
sand; loamy, siliceous, subactive, thermic Aquic Arenic
Paleudults). Growing with Andropogon gyrans, Aristida
stricta, Aster adnatus, Baptisia simplicifolia, Carphephorus
paniculatus, Chamaecrista fasciculata, Dichanthelium spp.,
Helianthus radula, Hypericum microsepalum, Ilex glabra,
Pinus palustris, Pityopsis graminifolia, Polygala nana,
Pteridium aquilinum, Quercus elliottii (= Q. pumita), Q.
minima, Schizachyrium scoparium, Serenoa repens &
Vaccinium darrowii. At the NW comer of the intersection of
Rt. 65 & Wright Lake Road (Forest Road 101). Apalachicola
National Forest, Franklin Co. Elev. about 26ft. 29° 59'
33.3"N, 84° 58' 36.6"W. UTM 16 695166E, 3319688N
Coll. Doug Goldman #3916
28 March 2007