Leucolejeunea clypeata (Schwein.) A.Evans

  • Filed As

    Leucolejeunea clypeata (Schwein.) A.Evans

  • Collector(s)

    R. P. G. Düll 1638 /1. with I. Duell & L. E. Anderson, 16 Jun 1981

  • Location

    United States of America. North Carolina. Orange Co. New Hope Creek, Korstian Div., Duke Forest.

  • Habitat

    Open stream border in forest primitive rocks. On Acer bark.

  • Collection Notes

    Label: "coll. by R. & I. Duell....lg. Duell and Anderson".

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 31483

    Occurrence ID: 77f6b157-101a-41da-ac53-3f05d2e03277

  • Exsiccatae

    Exsiccatae Number: 585

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  • Region

    North America

  • Country

    United States of America

  • State/Province

    North Carolina

  • County/Municipio

    Orange Co.

  • Locality

    New Hope Creek, Korstian Div., Duke Forest

  • Elevation

    Alt. 155 m. (509 ft.)

  • Coordinates

    36.01, -79.0742

  • Georeferencing Method

    Online gazetteer.

  • Distribution

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