Obolaria virginica L.

  • Filed As

    Obolaria virginica L.

  • Collector(s)

    M. L. Stephenson s.n., May 1906

  • Location

    United States of America. Arkansas. Phillips Co. Helena.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 3582040

    Occurrence ID: 99cd81eb-23e6-4e2c-8a28-4191aed0b8ee

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    Obolaria virginica L.

  • Region

    North America

  • Country

    United States of America

  • State/Province


  • County/Municipio

    Phillips Co.

  • City/Township


  • Coordinates

    34.5245, -90.6062

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    GEOLocate Web Application. Used the GEOLocate Web Application to georeference precise locality (high precision). Georeferenced to the corrected center of the feature, adjusted uncertainty radius (resized to polygon).

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    [County/District not specified as such on label, but inferred from locality data]

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The Story of the Obolaria,
As Known to an ignorant ,t>ut very loving observer*
In I89G I found one little bunch of blooms and was just wise enoii^ii
to realize that it was what ever* botanistsfl inarine)would consider
•a find ".At that" tine I aid not have a book that would help me to Xnow
its nsne ,but the next year rftien wit ine to Professor HcHeil (then of
the Arkansas University)to ask the naane of some other strangers,I des-
cribed this as	as I could remember,and he told me at once what it
was. 7rom that t^pfe? I always searched in the sane locality for it,but
never found it ac&in^'Last year however,we found some plants in two
different localities' and,were as delighted as though we had made a
genuine new discovery*" ^™is si-rinf,Inarch 7th out? tier, was out after
sassafras and fo^n^rpiMxacs^he said- of a plant he hoped we could name
and when we too^the litjw.e stalk in our hands we saw the "buds almost
entirely open,-:;e >dearched for it the next Sunday ‘but failed to find t£k?
riffht place,so yesterday we took him with us and sure enough, there was
•rfuantities^of it- ar^d much of it in full bloopu 3o far we have always
?found it under t?ees,an& on hill-side3,in places where the leaves lie
thick and cover/the; .roots5 so warn and nice, A near neighbor in one place
Is the lovely "Showjr orchis "and all about them stands luxuriant Christ^*
*?as ? '*rns.
/?,	/* / 1 j. M. gillett \$sC
f 'M/U* V‘fe#,c5
Herbarium of the New York Botanical Garden