Amaranthus hybridus L.

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    Amaranthus hybridus L.

The New York Botanical Garden
Plants of U.S.A.
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus hybridus L.
det. M. Nee, 2002
NEW YORK, Tompkins Co., Varna Experimental plots for
vegetable crops of Cornell University, 2 miles E of Ithaca.
The Cucurbitaceae and Lycopersicon plots with Portulaca
oleracea, Chenopodium album, Ambrosia artemisiifolia,
Mollugo verticillata, Amaranthus albus, A. hybridus, A.
All specimens of this number from a single plant. Herb,
much more common than A. retroflexus (no. 52290) in these
plots, but both species here and almost all distinguishable,
most easily by the fresher green color of A. hybridus along
with the more visible and pronounced red tinge and stripes
on the stems. Amaranthus retroflexus has shorter and more
congested inflorescence branches in the terminal portion of
the plant. The terminal inflorescence portions of the lower,
spreading side branches are less robust than on the terminal
one in both species.
Coll.: M. Nee 52290	30 August 2002