Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. var. edentula

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    Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. var. edentula

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    NY Barcode: 3173667

    Occurrence ID: a1c91b83-fa13-4a1e-ac74-855a8624843b

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Harvard University, Gray Herbarium (GH)	I	s	(
Cakile edulenta (Bigelow) Hook.
Herbs to 18in tall (if held upright), usually less, locally
common, petals purple. Growing low on a foredune
above a beach, in a low pass in the dunes where the
waves occasionally wash inland, in sand (pure sand to
Waldport fine sand, 15 to 30 percent slopes; Waldport
= mixed, isomesic Typic Udipsamments). With
Ammophila arenaria, Cakile marítima and Carex
macrocephala. Kiwanda beach, W. of Hawk Street,
about 1 .Omi N. of the intersection of Hawk Street &
Amity Avenue. Neskowin, Tillamook Co. Elev. 10ft.
45° 07' 18"N, 123° 58’ 47"W. UTM 10 422952E
4996942N (NAD83/WGS84).
Coll. Doug Goldman #2977
19 December 2004