Rhynchospora macra (C.B.Clarke ex Britton) Small

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    Rhynchospora macra (C.B.Clarke ex Britton) Small

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    NY Barcode: 2879668

    Occurrence ID: 624aab5f-4a29-4919-a8aa-ca7133e99581

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Plants of FLORIDA, U.S.A.
Rhynchospora macra (Britton) Small form with
smooth perianth bristles
LIBERTY CO.: 1.7 mi W of Hosford, 1.7 mi W of
junction of route 20 and route 65, along N side of
route 20, 30°24’15”N, 84°49’17”W (WGS 84).
Sunny, open, wet, peaty ground near Cliftonia
shrubs; infrequent.
Growing with plants of R. macra having the usual
condition of retrorsely barbed perianth bristles.
Robert F. C. Naczi 11643 14 November 2006