Rhynchospora macra (C.B.Clarke ex Britton) Small

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    Rhynchospora macra (C.B.Clarke ex Britton) Small

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    NY Barcode: 2879666

    Occurrence ID: 11b64eed-22a3-4b4c-8f30-b55eabde9c4a

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Plant of florida C15A
fchgnchospora macra (O £). Oar^-e ex E>ritton) ^mall
Liberty County. Nearest place:Hosford. Location:West of Hosford 1.6
Georef: 30.40422 -84.82084
Abundance: Common around edges of ponded water. Habitat: Small wet
boggy area, about 30 by 60 m, probably made during road construction, it
now has ponded water, but the amount of water varies with the seasons,
black mucky soils Other spp:This plant growing with sphagnum, Dionea
musciplica, Drosera, Sarracenia spp. and various shrubs over 2m tall. Also
with my collection numbers 1309202,1309203 Morphology
note:lnfloresence spikelets white. (Stop 1 #2)
Collector(s): Chris Buddenhagen collector #: 1309202 Date collected:
Det: Chris Buddenhagen Det’d date:9/26/2013
Robert K.- Godfrey Herbarium, florida State (Jnívensíty, Tallabassee