Urochloa adspersa (Trin.) R.D.Webster

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    Urochloa adspersa (Trin.) R.D.Webster

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    NY Barcode: 02060592

    Occurrence ID: 59b2eec9-1c07-492f-b0a5-476d1c3d8fb2

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Urochloa adspersa (Trin.) R.D. Webster
LEON CO.: Frequent, adjacent to and in cracks of 1-10 overpass buttress on W
side of Timberlane School Rd, Tallahassee. Lat. 30.49992 N, Long. 84.26152 W.
Huge sprawling, decumbent, many-stemmed plants to 130 cm, larger stems repeatedly branched;
lower culms (including nodes) glabrescent, remainder of plant (including inflorescence) moderately
to heavily pubescent; leaves mostly 15 cm (up to 28 cm) long, 18-21 mm wide, with short, fine hairs
that give blades a velvety touch; spikelet apices abruptly acuminate (not blunter as in U. ramosa).
Loran C. Anderson no. 29,014
R. K. Godfrey Herbarium (FSU)
3 July 2015