Cordia dichotoma G.Forst.

  • Region


  • Country


  • State/Province


  • County/Municipio

    South West Tanna Area Council

  • Locality

    Tanna Island, in forest near Yenasur, along ridge to Mount Tukosmera.

  • Elevation

    Alt. 365 m. (1198 ft.)

  • Coordinates

    -19.5884, 169.35

  • Distribution

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Cordia dichotoma G. Forst.
Vanuatu: Tafea Province. Tanna Island. Southwest
Tanna, in forest near Yenasur, along ridge to Mount
S 19° 35’ 18.1"; E 169° 20’ 58.4"; 365 m elev.
Tree, 6-7 m tall, 46 cm dbh. Fruits green. Growing at
edge of garden area. DNA, digital image. Duplicates: 6.
Gregory M. Plunkett, #2965 November 18,2014
Tom A. Ranker, Marika Tuiwawa, Chanel Sam, R. Sean
Thackurdeen, Frazer Alo, Benjamin Tom, Joseph Kema,
Samuel Herwaen, John Pascua
A collaboration ofNYBG and PVNH, funded by The Christensen Fund,
The National Geographic Society, and The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.
New York Botanical Garden: NY
Vanuatu National Herbarium: PVNH
The Ethnobotany of Vanuatu
Gregory M. Plunkett #2965
N.V. Kanaray [Neuai]
fruit The ripe fruits of this plant possess a sticky
exudate, which is used as a light-duty glue.
bark This plant is used as a purgative. The outer
bark of a portion branch is removed. The inner
portion is then boiled for one-half hour in one
liter of water. The one-liter mixture is then con-
sumed once per day for several days in the morn-
Source: John Pasua (M, 55), Samuel Herwaen (m, 29), Joseph
Kema (m, 28), Benjamin Tom (m, i8)