Hyophiladelphus agrarius (Hedw.) R.H.Zander

  • Filed As

    Hyophiladelphus agrarius (Hedw.) R.H.Zander

  • Collector(s)

    E. C. Leonard 8716 b, 08 Jan 1926

  • Location

    Haiti. Nord. Vicinity of Dondon.

  • Habitat

    On limestone.

  • Specimen Notes

    Smithsonian Institution, US National Herbarium

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 657863

    Occurrence ID: 7cdb237f-5391-4c9e-a694-0c44dc0fe2ee

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  • Region

    West Indies

  • Country


  • State/Province


  • Locality

    Vicinity of Dondon.

  • Elevation

    Alt. 400 m. (1312 ft.)

  • Coordinates

    19.5281, -72.2435

  • Coordinate Uncertainty (m)


  • Georeferencing Method

    Georeferencing Quick Reference Guide, Version 2012. Located coordinates of geogr. center of Dondon. Measured from coord. to geogr. center of nearest named place, Menard; halved distance to find linear extent. Input information into MaNIS Georef. Calc to find uncertainty radius (Near Named Place, Case A).

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  • Distribution

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