Gleditsia aquatica Marshall

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    Gleditsia aquatica Marshall

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    NY Barcode: 02708363

    Occurrence ID: 1d1c320f-02cc-43f5-bc67-6c0e61aa5b68

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RICHLAND COUNTY: Acquired from Woodlanders Inc.
(nursery in Aiken Co SC) about 1995, with the presumption of its
remaining a “small” tree: after 2006 removal of a nearby and over-
towering pecan (about 7m distant), this tree has grown considerably
in height and crown coverage, presently 21.5cm dbh, 71cm
(measured) circumference; regularly producing branched, needle-
like clusters of reddish/russet thorns, these elongating/enlarging,
occasional bearing leaves, and eventually forming dangerously
sharp complexes, abundant up and down the trunk, the new
developing thorns always reddish and pliable at first, eventually
indurated, gray, dying, and for a while persisting; lower trunk
otherwise pale tan/gray, studded with many thousands of raised,
somewhat brown-orange eruptions (lenticels?); flowers abundantly
produced, green-reddish-russet; legumes soon following, these
~2cm long, broadly obtuse/tapered, and “wafer” shaped; seedlings
now commonly produced in the yard (and eliminated), as well as
alarmingly robust surficial roots, linear-elongated well away from
the trunk, the tree now, all things considered, something of a pest,
but the foliage useful for light shade, the spring flowers attractive
and red, and the thorns make a great conversation point on a tour of
our garden...with a drink; at residence at 3801 Duncan St,
Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Columbia; 33.992256°
John B. Nelson 35174
2 V 2016
A. C. Moor* Herbarium (USCH)