Cyperus thyrsiflorus Jungh.

  • Filed As

    Cyperus thyrsiflorus Jungh.

  • Collector(s)

    L. A. Mattos Silva 2198 with H. S. Brito, 08 Jun 1987

  • Location

    Brazil. Bahia. Maraú Mun. Rodovia Ubaitaba/Campinhos (Ponta do Mutá?), km 75. Ramal à direita, em direçao à praia (11 km antes de Campinhos).

  • Habitat

    Vegetaçao de restinga. Solo arenoso.

  • Description

    Phenology of specimen: Fertile.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 622708

    Occurrence ID: 629ee77d-d87a-402e-a0ac-10198eff02dc

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  • All Determinations

    Cyperus thyrsiflorus Jungh. det G. C. Tucker, Jun 1991

  • Region

    South America

  • Country


  • State/Province


  • County/Municipio

    Maraú Mun.

  • Locality

    Rodovia Ubaitaba/Campinhos (Ponta do Mutá?), km 75. Ramal à direita, em direçao à praia (11 km antes de Campinhos).

  • Coordinates

    -13.9888, -38.9512

  • Coordinate Uncertainty (m)


  • Georeferencing Method

    Georeferencing Quick Reference Guide, Version 2012. The precise location of collection (along a specified side-road, translated from: "Ramal") is described in two manners in this locality description; 1st as 75 km along Rodovia Ubaitaba/Campinhos (BR-30) measured from Ubaitaba, and 2nd as 11 km along BR-30 measured from Campinhos. Because measurements of these prescribed distances along BR-30 in the respective directions indicated did not resolve upon one point but two points over 8 km apart, it was assumed that one of these distances provided must be inaccurate. Because the 2nd manner of describing the locality ("11 km antes de Campinhos") involves a distance that is substantially shorter than the other ("75 km"), it was assumed to be the more accurate of the two, and was preferentially used for this georeference. Furthermore, because of the especially poor resolution of satellite images of the Maraú peninsula which prevents the clear discernment of individual side-roads, in addition to the relatively short proximity of BR-30 to the beaches along the coast, simplified this georeference as: 11 km along "Rodovia Campinhos/Ubaitaba", BR-30, towards Ubaitaba, in Mun. Maraú, Bahia. Using Google Maps - Satellite View, located "Rodovia Ubaitaba/Campinhos" (BR-30), and the place where the road terminates at a harbor along the coast of the Maraú peninsula. Beginning at the point where BR-30 begins near the place labeled as "Campinho" in Google Maps (-13.9117404 -38.9869165), used Distance Measurement Tool (Google Maps) to measure approximately 11 km (11.0006 km) along BR-30 towards Ubaitaba. Using Canadensys Lat/Long Crosshairs, found coordinates for the offset. Using Distance Measurement Tool again, found the linear extent of the starting location of the offset, "Campinhos", by measuring from the selected coordinates at the terminus of BR-30 to the farthest visible extent of the port, near Barra Grande (-13.8794699 -38.945927). Input coordinates, linear extent (5.71033 km), measurement error (0.0005 km), and distance precision (1 km) into the MaNIS Georeferencing Calculator to find the uncertainty radius (according to the Georeferencing Quick Reference Guide, Offset: Offset along a path.

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HERBARIO centro de pesquisas do cacau
Plantas da Regiao Cacaueira da Bahia
Municipio de Marau. Rodovia Ubaitaba/Campinhos
(Ponta do Muta?), km 75. Ramai a di reita, em
diregao a praia (11 km antes de Campinhos).
Vegetagao de restinga. Solo arenoso.
¿jJ. G-X.T^U^ G-11
L.A. Mattos Silva e H.S. Brìto	2191!
8 jun 1987