Stuckenia pectinata (L.) Börner

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    Stuckenia pectinata (L.) Börner

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    NY Barcode: 02591788

    Occurrence ID: 0ad886ad-5991-407c-8846-82bd0a1e50e9

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International Sakhalin Island Project 2001
Potamogetón pectinatus L.	[Potamogetonaceae]
Det. by Valentin Yakubov, Mar 2011. Fide: PL Vase. Orientis
Extremi Sovietici
Russian Federation, Sakhalin Region:
Northeast part of Sakhalin Island. Sea of Okhotsk side. North part
of Odoptu Lake, east of town of Tungor. 12m/39ft
53° 25.979'N, 143° 08.174'E
Boggy area with ponds. Low vegetation with Myrica, Ledum and
Juncus dominant. Iris and Pinus pumila occasional.
In flower and bud. Aquatic. Common.
Suzanne Joneson, 3043 3 2001
___[WTU Database #186067]