Vicia villosa Roth

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    Vicia villosa Roth

The New York Botanical Garden
Plants of U.S. A.
Fabaceae Vicia villosa (L.) Roth
det. M. Nee, 2011
Iowa, Dubuque Co., along small creek and Olde Davenport
Road, just E of Hwy. 61/151, 6.5 km SSW of Julien
Dubuque bridge over the Mississippi River in Dubuque.
42°26’09”N, 90°40’46”W. alt. 215 m.
Recent construction and fields in bottom of broad valley
with rich soil, with scattered trees along the stream. Typical
regional array of introduced Eurasian species in rich,
disturbed soil, and crushed limestone gravel, Medicago
sativus, Lotus corniculatus, Carduus nutans, Cirsium
arvense, Vicia villosa, Pastinaca sativa, Agropyron repens.
Common herb, weak and scrambling or climbing to 2 m. if
a tall herb is available. Inflorescence held erect, the flowers
held below the horizontal. Calyx and petals violet, with
lighter wings.
Coll.: M. Nee 58006	25 June 2011