Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.

11 i
The Flora and Ethnobotany of Cat Island, Bahamas
Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium (MU')
Species	Ipomoea batatas	Au: (L.) Lam.
Family	Convolvulaceae
Common Name Sweet Potato
Description Herbaceous vine that roots at its' nodes. Specimen is sterile.
Location/Habitat Tea Bay, found along a farm road that starts at the main road by the sea
wall. Farm road ends at the Atlantic Ocean. Found cultivated in a yard.
Latitude	24°24’ 14” N	Longitude 75°30’ 76” W
Uses/Comments The plant is cultivated for its tuberous root which is an edible starch
source. Not previously listed as occurring on Cat Island (Correll &
Correll, 1982).
Collector^) Laurel Richey and Ethan Freid
Collection No 00-889 Duplicates 4 Date July 24,2000
Plants Dried Using a Kerosene Heater
Vouchers for Laurel Richey's PhD Dissertation