Abrus precatorius L.

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    Abrus precatorius L.

The Flora and Ethnobotany of Cat Island, Bahamas
Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium (MU)
Species	Abrus precatorius	Au: L.
Family	Fabaceae / Leguminosae
Common Name Licorice Vine, Bird's Eye
Description	Herbaceous vine with pink flowers.
Location/Habitat Orange Creek, growing in Mr. Newbold's yard, which is North of the
Orange Creek store and laundromat. Disturbed overgrown yard.
Latitude	24°38’ 96” N	Longitude 75°42’ 76” W
Uses/Comments The vegetation (leaves and vine) are boiled and the decoction taken for
fever, flu, colds and coughs. The seeds are highly toxic if ingeseted.
When the seeds are green, they are stung and used as beads. Seeds added
to kerosene to make it last longer.
Collector(s)	Laurel R. Richey
Collection No 99-727 Duplicates 5 Date November 4, 1999
Plants Dried Using a Kerosene Heater
Vouchers for Laurel Richey's PhD Dissertation